We will teach your people to get the most out of Google.
Online or in person.

Most employees use only a fraction of the features Google Workspace and CRM offer. 

What are the tools of Workspace (G Suite) or CRM for, when people can't work with them? 9 out of 10 participants in our training are surprised to see what they can do with these tools.

We will train your people in a classic in person training, online training or in the form of a 1-on-1 meeting. We will always prepare the form and syllabus of the training so that you get the most out of it.

If you need to train more people at once, you will probably use our online academy. In a series of video courses, we will train employees, even before they join your company. And the most important thing - all this time, you will have a lecturer at hand, whom you can call online at any time.


We train online, in person, and 1 on 1

Classic training in a meeting room for up to 15 people for one or more companies, an online course for more participants or an individual online training 1 on 1. We will always adjust the format so that you get the most out of the training. Finally, you will be able to control a flood of emails, learn how to automatically sort mail, or secure the cloud so that no unauthorized people access your data.

We will help administrators and users

We have courses for Workspace administrators, for Workspace users or CRM courses for salespeople and store managers, where we refine business and customer care. You'll see the results the next day - people will start sending emails directly from CRM, handle more calls, or send more personalized emails.

We have created an online academy

What is the easiest way to train people? An Online academy. You can order a package of video lessons in the form of a subscription like Netflix. You can consult with a lecturer between the courses and if you past a test at the end, you will receive a certificate. 

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