What if your school finally worked online? With our help and Google for Schools, you can do it

After switching to Workspace, teachers can finally work online. They will be more efficient and more satisfied. In addition, schools have Workspace (G Suite) for free - and when we teach you how to work with it, you'll be thrilled!

Automation frees your hands

With us, you will get rid of routine and annoying work. We will set up, for example, automatic sorting of mail, saving attachments from e-mail directly to Disk, or connecting Google Classroom with e-mail, calendar and storage. All the work is intuitive and so simple that you will quickly like it. The need to upload study materials to Google Classroom is a matter of a few clicks.

You can work completely online

Individuals or entire teams will start working together on the same document or project. In Google Classroom, you can easily set up classes and courses in which you can communicate online with students and parents, hand over study materials or assign assignments and check their completion. Pupils, teachers and parents have an overview of everything.

All data will be safe
and under control

Are you afraid of the cloud? The risk of data loss is 95% lower with Workspace than when using your own server. In addition, we can recover lost data for up to 10 years, no unauthorized people can access the data, and you will be notified about everything important that you set up.

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